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Art Care Instructions

All artwork, original or reproduction, are made to archival/museum quality standards and comes directly from his studio in Barcelona, Spain.

Caring for your artwork ensures its longevity.

  • Frame the artwork as soon as possible, until the store it flat in the original packaging.
  • Avoid touching the artwork with your bare hands, it's best to handle the artwork with soft cotton gloves (if not, wash your hands well first) and only touch the white borders. Extra protection can be taken using a face mask. 
  • If you frame the artwork yourself, I recommend using acid free/ PH-neutral materials.
  • Framing under anti-UV, museum grade glass or acrylic sheet will protect the artwork better and add a significant amount of longevity. 
  • It's best to keep some air between the artwork and the glass/ acrylic. To do this, use a PH-neutral / acid free passepartout or spacers. A shadowbox frame is also a gorgeous option. An easy way to support the artwork is with acid free photo corners.
  • Never store the artwork upright nor on surfaces like corrugated cardboard or wood, as they are acidic and can also leave imprints in the artwork.
  • Place the artwork out of direct sunlight and other UV-rich light, like strong spotlights and fluorescents.
  • Avoid displaying the artwork above radiators, in places with high humidity or where they could be affected by chemicals.
  • Allow 6 month before hanging the artwork on newly plastered walls to avoid damp related damages.
  • Cleaning a framed piece of art should when possible only be done with a duster, to avoid water or cleaning agents coming in contact with the artwork and the frame. If you need to clean the glass of the frame with cleaning agents, apply a small amount to a duster and wipe the glass clean with that, never spray products directly on the framed piece.
  • If your artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, please make a copy/photo for your archive, in case of damage or loss.